They Live Among Us: The Descendants of Esau-Edom
by Wayne Frank BarbutoŠ 

This book is not yet finished, but because of multiple requests I am offering what parts I have completed at a prepublication price of $30 (digital PDF download only). There will be no additional cost for the balance of this book, which will be available, in steps, to early purchasers as I complete more of it.

I have completed the first 13 chapters and about that many more in random chapters, though not in the final order, some chapters requiring additional work. As I add chapters in order I will upgrade my link and notify my customers who have pre-paid.

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Oswald. Alone. by Wayne Frank Barbuto©

Spiral Bound  (8-1/2 x 11, 70 pages) $45.00

Digital PDF $25.00

About This Book   Testimonials

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