Suppose you are arrested for wearing a red shirt on a Monday? 

You are denied your right to be taken before a magistrate, and are imprisoned under surprisingly cruel conditions. Stored in an isolated cold cell for over a week, you are screamed at and threatened frequently. You are promised repeatedly that you will never see freedom again.

Meanwhile, your house is taken over by dozens of armed men pretending to be federal agents. Your name is slandered, your neighbors are threatened, your property is plundered, and everything of no interest to them is scattered to the furthest corners of your home. In addition, your business equipment is disabled, and your computer files corrupted.

Eight days later you are released, but not without threats of thirty-five years in prison, for your supposed, yet non-existent crime.

You know that you have done nothing unlawful—that there could be no such law in this country. Furthermore, you are certain that you couldn't have been wearing a red shirt on Monday because you don't particularly like the color red, and you don’t even own one.

You could hire an attorney and give him all your money. Perhaps it would be enough to keep you out of prison—but then again, it might not. Every attorney you talk to treats you as if you are the most despicable person in the world, and without asking you a single question tells you that you are going to spend many years in prison. You are not at all sure that giving them any money is going to improve their attitude, or do you any good.

What do you do?

The author of this book experienced a very similar situation. What he did was a little unorthodox, but what he learned as a result will likely change your perception of reality.


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Terms Covered In Book

The Bankruptcy Connection

Rights vs. Privileges
Legal Word Crafting
The Buck Act • Color of Law
2nd Amendment • B.A.T.F
Do You Live in This State?
Attorneys vs. Lawyers
Trading with the Enemy
British Accreditation Regency
Compelled Benefit Contracts
Jurisdiction • Juristic Person
Uniform Commercial Code
Your Straw Man • Artificial Person
Trial by Jury vs. Jury Trial
Redemption in law • UCC
Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Protecting Your Signature
Defendant or The Accused
Phony Wars • Silver Bullets
Gun Control Act of 1968
Guns vs. Firearms • NWO
The Game of Your Name
Missing 13th Amendment
Vices are Not Crimes • ATF
Enabling Causes • Licenses
Standing • Public law 7310
Adhesion Contracts • BATF
National Firearms Act
Admiralty law • Martial Law
Ponzie’s Legacy • Common Law
Second 13th Amendment
Redemption • Private Law
Law Enforcement vs. Keeping the Peace
Reece Committee • BAR
Full Disclosure Questionnaire
Fictitious Plaintiff
Birth Registration
Were You Delivered ?
Nonexistent Gun laws
Nazi Weapons law
14th Amendment
Contract Law • Mixed War
Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms











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