Suppose you are arrested for wearing a red shirt on a Monday? 


You are denied your right to be taken before a magistrate, and are imprisoned under surprisingly cruel conditions. Stored in an isolated cold cell for over a week, you are screamed at and threatened frequently. You are promised repeatedly that you will never see freedom again.

Meanwhile, your house is taken over by dozens of armed men pretending to be federal agents. Your name is slandered, your neighbors are threatened, your property is plundered, and everything of no interest to them is scattered to the furthest corners of your home. In addition, your business equipment is disabled, and your computer files corrupted.

Terms Covered In Book

The Red and Blue Lists

Agents Provocateur
Norman Dodd
Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms Constitution
Creature From Jekyll Island
Our Rights to Drugs
The Statutes at Large
Statutory law

The United States Code

Concealed Carry Permits
The Wizard of Oz • FRNs
National Rifle Association
The Trial of The Century
Commercial Law
Modern Money Mechanics
The Not So Grand Jury
Custer's Court-martial
The Wal-Mart Connection

Eight days later you are released, but not without threats of thirty-five years in prison, for your supposed, yet non-existent crime.

You know that you have done nothing unlawful—that there could be no such law in this country. Furthermore, you are certain that you couldn't have been wearing a red shirt on Monday because you don't particularly like the color red, and you don’t even own one.



Prison Slave Labor
The Mark of The Beast • BAR
Invisible Contracts
Who is The Client ?
Justice For Sale • Strawman
For The Love of Money

You could hire an attorney and give him all your money. Perhaps it would be enough to keep you out of prison—but then again, it might not. Every attorney you talk to treats you as if you are the most despicable person in the world, and without asking you a single question tells you that you are going to spend many years in prison. You are not at all sure that giving them any money is going to improve their attitude, or do you any good.

What do you do?

The author of this book experienced a very similar situation. What he did was a little unorthodox, but what he learned as a result will likely change your perception of reality. 







The Source of all Rights
Immorality and Amorality
State Dept publication 7277
FEMA Prison Camps • NRA
Who Owns Your Car ?
Gun control • Honor
Manufacturing Firearms
New World Order
Leavenworth Gas Chamber
Freedom from War
Second Amendment
Fair Debt Collection
The Black Connection
Common Law Marriage
Federal Reserve Notes
Whose law Is Law ?
Swarm Intelligence
Contract Law • Mixed War
14th Amendment
The Bankruptcy Connection
Rights vs. Privileges


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